fill in the blank.

it's true...i'm aware it is sunday. but sunday is fun-day and i had fun doing this. so there.

you can play along here.

1. i am a (morning, evening, middle of the day)  night  person.  and mostly i hate it. i wish i was a morning person, but i'm not. and not matter how hard i train myself, i just can't do it. it is the most difficult thing for me to do. even if i go to bed early, i can't force myself out of bed anytime before nine am. it is a little bit ridiculous. but i have been especially working on it as of late.  

2. my favorite pandora stations are  generally obscure, independent artist stations. a lot of times, i find new artists when i listen to pandora. once, a friend at work was listening to a latin station and we heard this really fantastic song and so we looked up the artist and it turns out, they are one of my favorite bands. i have no clue what they sing about, but i love their sound.  

3. three of my must-have songs for a road trip playlist are  (one) born to run by springsteen. (two) on the road again by willie nelson. (three) born to be wild by steppenwolf. that was the easiest time i have ever had picking any songs for anything. these really must be must-haves. funny.  

4. my favorite pattern is  i don't think that i have ever consciously thought about my favorite pattern. i like subtle patterns, mostly. i do like stripes a lot. and checks. and gingham. i don't like floral. they are too grandma-y. i know that isn't nice, but it's true.  

5. my favorite perfume is (or was)  yohji by yohji yamamoto. when i lived in boston, my roommate had it and every chance i got i borrowed it. it was so different. it was musky, but fresh. weird, i know. i loved it. and they don't make it anymore. it makes me sad. i can't even fully remember how it smells, i just know i was in love with it.  

6. rules are  pretty important, for the most part. i work in an industry where i am regularly promoting the importance of rules and enforcing the set rules we have in our facility. i work with a segment of the population that struggles with rule following. i don't have a hard time following rules, but when i was younger, i was the person that liked to be the example of what not to do. thankfully, i am not that now. but it makes it easier to work with the kids i work with, that is for sure.  

7. my most overused phrase or punctuation is  clearly. i use that word all the time. i have started to use variations such as apparently, evidently or obviously. it is obnoxious. i'm sure the people around me are annoyed. i got so annoyed with clearly, i had to seek other words...but now they are annoying. but i just. can't. stop. and i use way too many ellipses...but it's okay...i generally use them correctly...i think.  

what is your go-to phrase?
and favorite road trip songs?

that's all.

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