thirty days: day thirty.

(day thirty): whatever tickles your fancy.
follow along here.

updated: i added photos that my dear friend, adriane, took. i didn't bother because mostly, my phone pictures from a distance don't turn out, but ade's iphone is much better.

last sunday, a friend and i went to see the avett brothers play in slc at the gallivan center. it is an outdoor venue in downtown salt lake. i was pretty stoked about the show. i love the avett brothers and was super excited to see them live...duh.

what i wasn't excited about was that it was raining...if i didn't love the avett bros so much, i would have totally bagged it...oh and the ticket was a lot more than i normally spend on shows, so i couldn't justify bagging it. i bought a rain poncho on the way. ade and i sucked it up and went. and i'm so glad we did...for so many reasons.

first: i love going to shows with ade...for lots of reasons. the fact that we both love music is key. and we like to observe the crowd and commentate. when we got to the venue, we found this little spot way off to the side with a decent view of the stage and a fantastic view of the crowd.

the band...love them.
two: crowd watching is one of my most favorite things to do. and this crowd did not disappoint. i don't even know where to start. just know that there was rain and beer and apparently, that his a premium mix.  i told ade she had to blog about the best crowd member...photo included...i'll let you know when she does. you will love it.

see...excellent view of the crowd and stage.
some prime crowd watching...we saw things we didn't want to see...kinda like this.
but this wasn't the worst.
iii: the avett brothers were absolutely fantastic and amazing and everything i hoped they would be. if you don't know who they are you are completely missing out. here is my most favorite song...the best lyrics are at 2:27. (if you want, you can link to this little playlist of my favorite songs...i did have to stop myself before i added every video of every song. i just love them. you can also go to cmt.com and watch the unplugged they did there...here is the link.)

four: uh...people...there is a cello player in the band. and he rocks the cello. seriously, rocks it. and when i say he rocks it, i mean that he has that thing strapped to him and he jumps around and rocks. and he rocks it so hard it almost feels/seems like he is a huge fan of the band versus in the band. so awesome. he is a must see part of the band...for reals.

fifthly: yes, it rained while we were there. it rained while we waited for the opening band. it rained during the opening band. it rained while we waited for the avett brothers. and then, miraculously, a few songs into their set, the rain stopped. and so it was worth it to sit through the rain cause the part we wanted to see most didn't get rained on.

don't mind the crazy face...i just wanted to point out the poncho and rain.
finally: going to shows with adriane (and bob) means that we get to go and eat after. it might be my favorite part of going to shows with them. we usually end up somewhere dive-like or somewhere we wouldn't normally go except it's late at night and nothing else is open. when we go and eat is when we get to hang out and talk about everything else, besides the music. i always look forward to that part. and this particular night did not disappoint.

if you ever get a chance, you must see the avett brothers. and the gallivan center is a really fun venue...even when it rains. i can't wait for next month...two huge shows coming up (the milk carton kids in both slc and logan and jay nash and tfdi in vegas). it's gonna be a blasty-blast.

have you been to any good shows lately?
do you know and/or like the avett brothers?

btw...this thirty day this is done, done, done.

that's all.

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