on friday i went grocery shopping. it is my least favorite thing to do. but this particular trip was deemed the best grocery shopping trip ever after i caught a glimpse of this:

i know it is hard to tell in the photo so let me explain...this is a man and a woman. i'm assuming they are married. they seemed married. which makes the matching dickies, blue t-shirts and black suspenders adorable. and amazing. yes, they have matching outfits. matching. i couldn't even stop smiling because it was so awesome. i'm sad i couldn't get a better picture of the suspenders, but i was being way too obvious, so i had to stop. before i died laughing.

i'm not sure why they had matching outfits. i couldn't quite grasp why the woman had suspenders...or, quite frankly, why she was wearing exactly what her husband was wearing. the only thing i could think the whole time i watched them was whose idea it was to match.

what do you think about matching suspenders?
whose idea do you think it was?
do you want to tell the story?

that's all.


  1. I think it was all part of their family reunion get-up. See, they are grocery shopping for some missed things that were needed for the reunion.

  2. better yet! notice how the pants seem a bit large on her. apparently they've realize how simple it is to share a wardrobe. blue tee shirts, blue dickies pants and black suspenders . . . because she obviously needs them.

  3. she lost her suitcase and he didn't! so she was stuck wearing all of his clothes! hahahaha...cute.