fill in the blank.

how about this...a day early. you sure are lucky. happy friday. have a super weekend. and remember me...at work...working with the delinquents. don't be sad...i signed up for it.

play along here.

1. my favorite color is  ...well, it changes. i know that's not right, but it is what it is. growing up, i loved purple. but i don't love purple anymore. i'm not sure i had a favorite color in high school/college. i really, really like green. mostly the kelly/grass variety of greens. i also like brown. but lately, i have been in love with grey. all things grey. decor, weddings, clothes...grey is my "it" color right now. but, like i said, that will change.  

2. my travel destination of choice is  not a specific location. i used to joke that my friend's parent's ranch used to be my favorite vacation destination...and it is...but i also love to travel to where my family is. my last family vacation to southern cali was amazing. and i love going to see my parents in vegas. last year, my vacation to portland was good times. and phoenix, despite it being bloody hot, is pretty nice. and hopefully i will be traveling to seattle, too. and i will continue to make a plethora of trips to the salt lake valley. i like to vacation with the fam, so wherever they are, there i go. it's easiest that way.  

3. my favorite food is  mexican food. i love a good taco. the corn tortilla kind. they are my favoritest. but generally, give me mexican and i'm good.  

4. my happy place is  anywhere with my family. i don't think an explanation is necessary.  

5. my favorite saying is  "remember, you are not raising an inconvenience. you are raising a human being." (kittie frantz). i work in youth corrections and it is always shocking to me...although, maybe it shouldn't be...how many parents act completely inconvenienced by their children. the children they raised...the children that learned from their examples. it will never stop surprising me because it is so irrational to me that parents act that way.  

6. my dirty little secret is  that i don't think i have dirty little secrets. i have secrets. but i don't consider them dirty. i mean, i don't need everyone to know everything about me...right? right. but a secret that i don't openly share is that i'm pretty excited for the new season of jersey shore. stop judging me.  

7. something friends might say about me is that i  ...uhhh...i have no idea. maybe you should ask my friends.  

what is your happy place?
do you have dirty little secrets?

that's all.


  1. Grey makes me so happy! I like to call it "pastel-black" ;)
    I'm totally jealous that your family has a ranch, I've always wanted to have an awesomely cool place to visit, something in the family... alas there is nothing quite like that, especially considering how few relatives I have. Oh well, maybe one day I'll buy a ranch!

    Happy Friday!
    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. i had the same answer for #4 :)

    happy friday!

  3. i'll tell you what this friend says about you. you are kind. you are generous. you are fun and also very funny. you are genuine. you are pretty. you are sassy. you are freaking awesome.