fill in the blank.

yep, i did it again. i waited until after friday to post this friday post. what ya gonna do. it's been a crazy week with work. i had a training wednesday, thursday and friday that threw off my whole schedule. it was a great training and i didn't want to gauge my eyes out the whole time. that is the test of a good training. plus, i found the information valuable. it was a domestic violence training, so i'm all about it now. just so you know. i'm now at work and i work tomorrow and then off until three on thursday...can't wait. i'm going to spend some time with the sister/fam for the week. don't be jealous. anyway...enjoy. and have a happy 24th. go mormons.

play along here...it doesn't matter if it's not friday.

1. one of my happiest moments ever was  probably when my oldest nephew was born...it was so exciting to have a new member of the family. i have subsequently felt the same with the birth of each of my nieces and nephews. they are so great and we are lucky to have them all in our family...that they make up our family.  

2. summer is wedding season and weddings are  a lot of work. and they can be beautiful and festive and fun. but still, a lot of work. that's why i'm not a wedding planner.  

3. this summer  has been quite enjoyable. i've loved having vacations and spending time with my family. and i always love not having my second job. i love that i have time to do what i want to do when i want to do it. and there is more of that to come...road trip to vegas in a month. love a good road trip and this one will rock.  

4. my summer food of choice has been  berries and salad. i can't get enough strawberries. i've also been loving cherries. l-o-v-i-n-g them. too bad they are so expensive at the grocery store...i need to find a good produce stand/farmer's market.  

5. my summer uniform has been  the same as the rest of the year...dress codes rock. well, minus jackets, sweaters and hoodies.  

6. if i could spend the entire summer in one location i would choose  anywhere fun. southern cali wouldn't be a bad place. maybe a mountain lake. somewhere with family. i'm game for whatevs.  

7. my summer anthem is  a song that changes every summer. i don't have just one anthem. usually, i pick a song that has something to do with something that i've done. but this year, it is still yet to be determined. it might end up being an avett brothers song. or a tfdi song. or a milk carton kids song. i guess we will see what song is the anthem of this summer when it is over.  

how's your summer?
do you have a summer anthem?

that's all.

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  1. my anthem this summer is the dog days are over. ya know why? because i swear it gives me an extra boost when i run and all i do lately is RUN. yeah, i have become THAT girl. :)