some songs: day five.

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day five: a song that reminds you of someone.

these categories really make it difficult to narrow this down to one song, so i am picking two. in all actuality, almost every song reminds me of someone. it what music does for me...helps me remember people, places and even things. so, instead of just naming a song and the person it reminds me of, i decided to go with the most sentimental. i know...cheese ball. oh well. i had to choose this song by the kingston trio. this is i'm going home.

this song will forever and always remind me of my dad. always. my dad and his best friend used to play this song and now that his friend is gone, it holds a special place in my heart. and it always will. and while it reminds me of my dad, i specifically remember going with my dad's friend's daughter up logan canyon so we could watch our dads sing this song at a father/son outing for their church ward. we were so embarrassed. we laughed the whole time, but this song is them. forever. man, how i am ever so grateful for that memory. i even had the chance to hear this song live this last thanksgiving. i was moved to tears because of the memory. love it.

this is the other song that reminds my of my dad (and his friend). i love that he sings it. i wish he would sing it more. just sayin'.

what songs remind you of the people in your life?
any sentimental songs?

that's all.

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  1. Thanks Chelle...I miss dad and his friend on guitars. What great memories!