it's tuesday. but you might already know that. it is my day off of work, so i got a few things done. like dishes and grocery shopping. and then i sat down to check my email and decided to blog. not because i have anything to blog about, but i will think of something...ready? let's go.

remember my new phone situation? well, sometimes when i am trying to figure out what my phone is capable of doing, i have flashes of wondering why i need my phone to do all the things it does. and then i saw this on twitter and had to laugh...it's exactly how i feel.

that being said, i am in love with my new phone. it does almost anything. and there really, truly is an app for that. there is literally an app for everything. and i love it and hate it at the same time. i'm sure it will all wear off, but the new-ness of it all is kind of exciting.

and with that being said, i feel like i missed a huge chunk of technological advancements when i decided to stick to my old, lame flip phone. i now know how my mother feels when i try to talk to her about computers and the internet. if my flip phone was the beginning and my new phone is the end, i completely missed the middle and it's a bit frustrating.

blah, blah, blah about the phone.

oh, except angry birds. i really, really like angry birds. just sayin'.

this is the next wreath that i am going to make. only, i want to make it in valentine colors, maybe more like these. but i haven't really decided yet. i figured i have a few days to decide.

[click picture for details.]

i want this pyrex collection. i am in love with vintage pyrex and have been for about two years. i want every set in every color. for reals. i am so jealous of this girl's collection. aren't you?

[click picture for details.]

and i would really love this necklace, too. lisa leonard's jewelry is to die for. one day...one day.

[click picture for details.]

and for good measure...a song. i love this. it's adorable and quirky and super fun. and they are talented, too.

that's all.

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  1. I absolutely love that wreath! I'll definitely be working on one of those soon. That's gorgeous!

    My mom has a collection of pyrex that would rival that, but that's a beautiful collection.

    Thanks for stopping by by blog, just stopping by to say hello. Have a great day!

    Adelaide@ Norwegian Phoenix