my favorite thing about today was...#3.

...and a little something about yesterday...but first, for today...

i was invited...at least i'm hoping that's what happened, cause i totally just made plans...to go see jay nash in southern california in march. this is going to be the highlight of my year. for reals.

i mean, in general, i just can't say anything more than that. jay nash. hotel cafe. swoon. you can read here and here to fully understand the love i have. and why this is my favorite thing about today.
(plus, he's way freaking hot.)
and then for the little something from yesterday...i saw this picture on a blog and remembered that i really liked the movie dear john.

probably mostly because channing tatum is ridiculously hot. well, once i saw the picture i decided that i wanted to see the movie, so i checked netflix on the off chance the it was an instant play and guess what...it was. i got to watch channing in all his hottie hotness glory. it was the best part of my day...since i wasn't feeling so great to begin with.

that's all.


  1. I still need to see that movie. I read the book, and based on how the Notebook was I can't wait to see it. I cry at inopportune moments in the Notebook just because I've seen it so many times and I know what's coming. Thanks for the reminder to add this to my Netflix. Have a great weekend!

  2. Although I laughed at you for this, that picture makes me want to watch it to.

  3. Cafe Hotel... its so close...