some songs: day two.

remember, i found this little gem here.

day two: your least favorite song.

while i appreciate all music, including music i choose not to listen to or have in my collection, there are still some really terrible songs out there. and a song can be bad for multiple reasons. generally, the reason i don't like a song has to do with the tune or melody or something along those lines. occasionally, i do dislike songs because of lyrics but i'm not really a lyric type a girl. usually the lyrics are the last thing i like/love about a song. and then there is not liking a song because it gets played way too much. but that's another story for another day.

so, considering all of these things, it wasn't hard for me to come up with my least favorite song. and to be honest, it haven't ever liked this song. and because i don't like this song, i'm not posting it on this blog...but i will link it here...macarena by los del rio.

the runners up include the thong song by sisqo, who let the dogs out by baha men and it wasn't me by shaggy. oh, and don't forget ice ice baby by vanilla ice (and i don't care what robert van winkle says...we all know he sampled under pressure by queen).

what is your least favorite song?
do you have more than one?

that's all.

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  1. My least favorite song at the moment is "I Whip My Hair Back and..." I'm not even going to finish the title. Other least favs would be Ace of Base--All That She Wants, Rod Stewart--Do You Think I'm Sexy, Paul Anka--You're Having My Baby, and Olivia Newton-John--Let's Get Physical.

    If the mention of any of these songs breaks your heart (ah and there's another one I can think of)--fine--take me off of your Christmas Gifting list. I'll manage. They're horrible songs. Blah.