some songs: day three.

still playing along here.

day three: a song that makes you happy.

this is far more difficult to choose than a favorite song, i must say. so many songs make me happy. i mean, in the last hour i have listened to multiple songs that make me happy. so instead of choosing a song that i've known for a long time that makes me happy, i am choosing the current song that makes me happy. it is we no speak americano by yoland be cool & dcup.

i've been taking a zumba class and this is my favorite "routine" in that class. it just makes me happy. literally. even when i think about it, it makes me happy. love it.

i first heard this song here, which also makes me happy.

what song makes you happy?
can it make you happy just by thinking about it?

that's all.

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  1. Love this "some songs" series. So much fun. We No Speak Americano always makes me happy. One of the number one songs that always makes me feel instantly happy is You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates haha