some songs: day four.

again, i'm being a lazy blogger. play along here.

day four: a song that makes you sad.

this is the first song that i thought of, so i'm going with it. i love jonny lang. on my short list of shows i really hope to see this year, jonny is near the top. i've loved him since the late 90s. he's an incredible musician and this song just screams sad... especially this version. his guitar playing is amazing. and this song is, as well.

and while, generally, it is a sad song, i associate it to a very sad period in my life. and no, it wasn't a break-up. but that sad period of my life evolved and now when i remember that time, i have a better grip, but this song can still evoke some of those miserably sad emotions that i had at that time. i love how music does that. it's why i love music. even sad music.

the runners up are iron and wine's naked as we came, band of horses' the funeral and first aid kit's you're not coming home tonight.

what song makes you sad?
do you like sad songs?

that's all.

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  1. One of the saddest songs I remember is I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt. The tune is so mournful by itself, but when she begins singing it's such a painful, stark contrast to what a woman dreams for herself. Sorrowful to listen to. Another horribly sad song is from the Muppet Christmas Carol, When Love Is Gone. I cry every time I listen to it OR watch the scene. And there are certainly more. =0]