the one with the resolutions.

i really did make a list of resolutions. most of them are pretty average. a couple of them are for my eyes only. and i'm pretty excited about them. and because i need to be reminded of them at some point, i am going to share them here.

{one.} be more organized. i am a "pile" person. i make little piles here and there in my house. my goal this year is the learn to throw stuff away that needs to be thrown away immediately and then to find a "permanent" place to put those things that don't need to be thrown away. simple yet oh-so-difficult.

{two.} something something something something. this is one for me to know and you to find out...maybe.

{three.} take more pictures. i used to take pictures all the time. and i used to use those pictures to blog with. i want to do that again. more. much, much more. this should be easy. i'm hoping.

{four.} scrapbook...more. scrapbooking requires pictures. mostly. so this goes hand-in-hand with number three. although, i have plenty of old pictures that i need scrapbook. we'll see where this one goes. it's going to be interesting because i just got full photoshop for christmas (from myself) and i am going to have to learn how to use it. it is so different from photoshop elements, so i'm a bit frustrated, but seeing as how i figured out elements, i should be able to figure out the full version.

{five.} be a better sister, aunt, daughter and friend. i have an idea of what i want this to mean. i want to communicate better. and more. i want to know what is going on in the lives of my family members. i want to know about what my nieces and nephews are interested in. i want to know how my sisters are doing...not just what they are doing. and i want to have better relationships with my friends. i have let many friends fall out of my life. and i didn't mean to do it on purpose. it happened, though and i want to fix that this year. i don't think it's a tall order. it will just take time. and it is time i have.

{six.} be crafty. i have a good head start on this. there is a pom-pom wreath soon to be unveiled. the biggest part of this resolution is to learn lots of crafts and then focus on those that i enjoy and love. the next up for me is knitting/crocheting. i am so hoping that these both come easy to me. i know that knitting is supposedly a little more difficult, but i am hoping that i don't get frustrated because my super ultimate goal in crafting is to make a pair of knit socks. good luck to me, eh? i'm excited.

{seven.} write more. i used to keep a daily journal. i want to start doing that again. and i want to write more on this blog. and i want to write letters. i want to get into a pen pal club or something. any way about it, i just need to write more.

{eight.} yada yada, blah blah blah. again, for me to know and you to find out. or not. we'll see.

{nine.} listen better. i try to listen as best i can. and for the most part, i think that i do an okay job. but sometimes i let myself formulate responses in my head instead of completely listening. i also sometimes just let my mind wander. i want to learn to listen better. to learn that i don't always have to have a response. and sometimes, maybe, the people that i am talking to don't really want me to respond...they probably just really want me to listen. this is going to be a little more difficult because it will take a lot of self reflection. it's totally do-able, though.

{ten.} read more. i have stacks of books. borrowed books. purchased books. gifted books. and i haven't read them. and i want to. so i'm going to. this year, i am aiming to read at least two books a month. i really should be able to read more than that, but i'm trying not to set myself up for failure. and i really want to start a book club. focusing on classics. or whatever. if anyone wants in, let me know.

{eleven.} yeah, yeah yeah yeah oh yeah. another for me. so sorry to leave you out. maybe you might find out. probably not.

so, there it is.
i'm pretty excited.
bring it on, twenty-eleven, bring it on.

that's all.


  1. I like it. I do think it is rude to leave me out on the mystery ones but whateve.

  2. i like these too! all the best with 'something something something' and 'yeah yeah yeah...' :)

  3. Would lahv to get in on the book club. Lahv to.

    Aaand--I found a fabulous wreath idea. I think you're gonna love it. Materials needed include that one thing that you'd like to marry--and--a wreath form.

    Not kidding.

    Wreath form (in the shape of your choosing).
    Oh--and pins.
    I'm making one.

  4. Let me know how you do the being more organized thing because girl I'm a total mess sometimes and that's definitely something I'm working on. Any tips for me?
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  5. looks like a great list! I still need to finish mine. I'm such a slacker!
    cute blog!