the one with the craft night.

last week i planned a craft night with my dear friend teresa. since i have been wanting to make a pom pom wreath, i decided that was what i wanted to craft. teresa found her own wreath craft as well. we got together at her house and we crafted. and we made dinner. and we talked and talked and talked...just like two crafting women should do. and because my dear friend is a dear, she decided i couldn't leave her house without a completed craft, so she set her craft aside (which, by-the-way, is going to be absolutely beautiful) and she helped me complete my pom pom wreath. and, you guys, it is adorable. it turned out ten times better than i had anticipated and i had high hopes. and i can say that because i didn't make it all by myself.

so, for your viewing pleasure...pictures of craft night. and if you want to join us next time...you totally can. because it's super fun. because we are fun. well, teresa is fun and i just like to giggle. good times. good, good times.
at the beginning.
once the pom poms were made.
teresa did all the "organizing" and tying.
that'd be me.
getting excited that it's coming all together.
yarn. yarn. who loves yarn?
finishing up.
up on the door.
so january/cold/icy weather appropriate.
and for good measure, my second grade project...3-d snowflakes.
and yes, they match the wreath on purpose.

and because it is awesome...enjoy.

can't wait for the next craft night.
seriously...it's gonna be amazing.
what crafty projects do you have planned?
that's all.


  1. love that wreath!!! it's too bad i'm not crafty - like, at all

  2. I saw that wreath on a blog, but realized it might be too much for me. Plus I have a rule, no starting new projects till old ones are done. But I'm so glad you did it. The colors are perfect and it turned out so cute!! Love the snowflakes to! And how fun to do it all with Tereasa! I want to craft with you both someday.