some songs: day six.

many more days to go...check it out here.

day six: a song that reminds you of somewhere.

the summer before my junior year of high school, we had girl's camp at bear lake. all the girls in my ward were pretty good friends. we all seemed to get along and we were really fun. at least that is how i remember it. anyway, the thing about having girl's camp at bear lake is that it was at the boy scout camp...which meant that there were boys at our girl's camp. we weren't supposed to hang out with them and they weren't supposed to hang out with us. but we were all a bunch of teenage kids...so guess what that meant? we all hung out. one night we were in the boy's tent and we were listening to this song. it is so amazingly cheesy, i almost didn't share, but then i had to because it is so cheesy. this song will always remind me of that night, in that tent and "getting caught." oh, the stories to tell. anyway, it's forever young by alphaville. i know you love it, too.

do songs trigger memories for you?
what song reminds you of somewhere?

that's all.

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