wee bit wednesdays.

{one} have you ever been on tv? not on purpose. or rather, not that i know of.

{two} what was the best movie you saw last year? i honestly can't think of one movie i saw last year. that is sad. i mean, i watched movies, but not new movies.

{three} do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or left out? i don't sleep with sheets at all. just blankets/quilts. i don't like sheets cause they get all twisty. but if i did sleep with sheets, i would un-tuck them. i have to be able to stick my feet out.

{four} do you clip coupons? not usually. sometimes for specific things. but not for regular stuff. i should, though...maybe.

{five} do you count your steps when you walk? all the time. literally, all the time. what does that say about me?

{six} what sauce do you dip your chicken nuggets in? depends, but usually bbq sauce...sometimes mixed with ranch.

{seven} do you have any magazine subscriptions? five of them. real simple. surfer. shape. surfing. whole living. it's probably best not to ask questions about these. but i would answer your questions if you can't help yourself and you have to ask.

{eight} when was the last time you wrote a letter on paper? i've written cards, but i can't think of the last "real" letter i've written. i want to join a pen pal group/club so badly. it would be so fun.

{nine} what is your favorite fruit pie? definitely apple. although, i did once have a very delicious pear pie. almost to die for.

{ten} black olives or green olives? depends. but generally, both. and kalamata, too.

now your turn.
what can we learn about you?
that's all.

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