fill in the blank.

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1. winter is  bearable until the holidays over. i hate every single one of january's thirty-one days. i mean, i know that is drastic, but january is dreary around these parts and if i have to listen to another person complain about the ever present inversion one more time, i might move. i know, that won't happen. and i will continue to deal with the january inversion, but i will always think it is miserable.  

2. summer is  almost as bad as winter, but not so dramatic. it gets hot in the summer and sometimes it is just better to stay inside...air conditioning is heaven in summer. i love that we have four seasons, even though they tend to be extreme seasons.  

3. if it were summer instead of winter right now i'd  be complaining about how hot it is. but at least there is no inversion in the summer. to be really honest, i would rather be cold than hot. so i like winter more, but i hate the inversion, so it ruins winter for me.  

4. my favorite thing to do in winter is  snuggle up in a warm blanket and watch movies.  

5. my favorite thing to do in summer is  spend time outside...checking out the stars. the opposite of winter.  

6. the ideal outfit for a sunny summer day is  anything that is comfy. maybe some cute crops/capris. definitely flip flops. a shirt. i just think "light and airy."  

7. the ideal outfit for a frigid winter day is  lots and lots of layers. sweaters and shirts and coats and scarfs. bundle up babies...it's cold out there.  

how do you feel about summer versus winter?
are you surviving this winter?
happy weekend.


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    I hate January as well. Who thought it was a good idea to have the longest month be freezing and have no holidays where it's customary for fun parties or going out?

  2. I also found you through Fill in the Blank Friday! I feel the same way about January... once the holidays are over, we drop into the doldrums until spring comes. Happy blogging!