a long time ago, i found this blog. and i am always inspired by her. and last year i wanted to start this twelve photos on the twelfth of the month project that she does. but i didn't get around to it. and in trying to adhere to my resolutions, i figured i should really do this this year. problem is, i don't have twelve photos right now. but i have twelve things to say. and i'll work on having twelve photos for next month. deal? deal. so, in the meantime...twelve little things.

♦ i finally took down my christmas decorations. except for the tree. i mean, i took the decorations off of the tree, but i have to figure out what to do with the tree. i have a place to put it, but i can't think of what i need to put it in...because i don't think it should just be left out. any ideas?

♦ i hung up the pom pom wreath. and i've walked to my front door and opened it several times just to look at it. yep, it's that cute.

♦ i went and saw tangled tonight. and i loved it. love, love, loved it. i want to buy some of those lanterns for something special. or just for fun. they are beautiful.

♦ i need to take my garbage out, but every time i think that i need to do it is too late and thus, too cold.

♦ i'm way, way over the cold. i mean, i like winter and all, but this way below freezing has got to stop. and i know that if it's going to stop that means there has to be a storm and i'm okay with that. because i am way over the cold. i hate january.

♦ my cell phone broke. (you can see it here.) it was a really old sony ericsson flip phone. i never really liked it to begin with, but i forced myself not to buy a new one. i had it at least twice as long as i had had any other phone. it went from being a flip phone to a swing phone.

this write-up made me laugh pretty hard. i'm also way over the media hyping snow storms like they are going to be crazy natural disasters. they act like it has never snowed in this country before. i remember when i lived in boston ten years ago...we had a snow storm that shut the city down, essentially, but it wasn't the end of the world. it was an excuse to hang out in pajamas all day and then go sledding on trash bags. calm down people. snow melts. i am fully aware that it can be a pain, but it definitely and most assuredly will not be the end of the world if it snows more than six inches. promise.

♦ wouldn't it be cool if we really did have a snow storm that shut this mountain valley down? it will never happen. never. i guess that's what i get for living in the mountains.

♦ i got a new phone. (you can see it here.) a smartphone. i guess that's what they are calling them these days. and i'm frustrated by it. i always get frustrated with new phones. but i'm not gonna lie...i'm glad to be rid of the flip/swing phone. i feel like i'm up with the times now. and i got a sick deal on it. otherwise i would have just got another flip phone...that would have eventually turned to a swing phone.

♦ i'm really glad i wasn't a teen mom. not that it was a concern or anything. but i was thinking about that today at my job with the teen moms. they are wrecks. and potentially, they won't change or amount to anything more than what they are now. it's sad. there are a couple that have drive and ambition, but the majority don't. the only good thing...it creates job security for my "real" job with the juvenile delinquents. oh well.

♦ i made paper snowflakes a couple of weeks ago to match my pom pom wreath. i hung them up over my front room window. i feel like i might live in a second grade classroom. and i'm okay with it. i might have to stick to felt and yarn projects though...paper projects might be a little too much for me. whatever that means.

♦ a new wreath project was introduced to me by sweet, sweet teresa. it's felt. it is going to be heavenly. i'm doing it for february. i bet you can't wait to see it.

there is my twelve.
next time it will be pictures.
what's going on with you?
that's all.

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