my favorite thing about today was...#1.

i am stealing this "idea" from a blog that i found while blog-stalking. i mean, i suppose it's not that original of an idea, but i thought it would just say... anyway, moving on...
my favorite thing about today was...

most of you know that i have a little part time gig with a local school district. i work at the school for young mothers and i babysit their babies while they go to their high school classes. i'm there for almost four hours a day. i usually get there right before lunch and then after lunch, it is nap time for the kiddies. well, today, there were only two babies in the nursery. and both of them are fantastic sleepers. they both went to sleep right when they were placed in their beds and they stayed asleep until the end of school...two and a half hours. now, for my favorite part...because they are such awesome sleepers, i was able to take an afternoon nap with them. it was priceless. sometimes i feel guilty for getting paid to just hang out, but other days counter that. needless to say, it was a great day.

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  1. Haha! That's so funny, I have a picture somewhere of my little sister on the toilet, asleep with her head against the toilet paper roll on the wall.