five question friday.

1. if you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?
well, first, i hate flies. like, really, really hate flies. they totally gross me out. and they are so annoying. so, i would rather not be a fly. second, i don't think that i could choose just one wall. i can't think of something i would want to know over something else. i mean, my knowledge for unknowable information really does change from day to day. some days it would probably be work related...other days it might be friend related. who knows. but, for the sake of the question, if i had to choose one wall today, i would choose a wall at work. it would be nice to know what people are thinking and why.

2. do you budget your christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?
since i don't have a plethora of people to buy christmas gifts for, i haven't really budgeted in the past. i am working on living on a budget this year, though, so i might-maybe-probably-hopefully will have christmas budgeted this year.

3. what is the craziest fad diet you have ever done?
i don't really do fad diets, but we had a long conversation at dinner wednesday night about the hcg diet. that is one crazy diet fad. and guess what...i think anyone that is eating only 500 calories can lose all kinds of weight...hormone shots or not. i mean, i know people that have done it. i know it has worked for them. but the question remains, do they really need the shots or is the diet the main factor? one thing i do know...i'm not jumping on the bandwagon anytime soon.

4. is there a tv show that you have seen every episode/season of?
do i have to name only one? how about i just name the three shows i'm not embarrassed to say that i've watched every episode? they would be the office, friday night lights and friends. and the one show that i'm angry to admit that i watched every episode...lost. oh, so angry.

5. what one song always pulls at your heart?
there are so many songs that pull at my heartstrings. but the one song that always invokes a real emotional reaction is carolina in my mind. and when i got to see james taylor sing it live in may, i did shed a few tears. it is my most favorite song ever.


  1. Stopping by from 5QF.

    I'm with you on James Taylor! I've seen him in concert twice in the last two years and some of his songs make me weepy. Maybe I'm longing for days gone by! :)

    Thanks for sharing. LOVE your blog!

  2. The hcg diet?!!! Whatevertheheck is THAT?! And, I totally think you're right...anyone eating only 500 calories (um...that would be like a bowl of cereal and the *thought* of lunch!!) would lose weight!

    Okay...so, I was thinking of watching Lost on DVD...but now, maybe I shouldn't?! Why are you angry?!!!

    Enjoyed your answers! Have a great weekend!