aggravation station.

i like to drive. and i consider myself a good, conscientious driver. i don't get too frustrated if you aren't speeding in the fast lane, i try not to cut people off and i won't ever pull out in front of you if there is a space behind you that i can pull into. and i've grown out of my need to be the fastest car on the road. i don't ask much of the other drivers around me, either. but some days, some days i want to throttle people. and it amazes me that these people obtained licensing from the state and have since retained said licensing.

i'm sure you are wondering where this is coming from, so i will tell you. today, i drove to salt lake from logan. usually it's a pretty decent drive with some great views and it can be a relaxing drive. it is also a pretty quick drive so there isn't a lot of time to get frustrated. but for some reason, today was the exception to the rule. i was extremely annoyed with the drivers around me and to ease my frustration while driving, i came up with this list...in no particular order, here are the most annoying things drivers do. (at least here in northern utah.)
  • the fast lane is generally for cars that are going fast. i know that you think that you are going fast, but two miles per hour over the speed limit isn't fast. it's basically the speed limit. and i do realize that there are cars that are in the slow lane that are truly going slow, but to the rest of us behind you...all fifteen of us...here in the fast lane, you are going slow. move over.
  • pick a speed and go that speed. we aren't friends and this little game of "chase" isn't fun for me. it is annoying. if you want to go faster than me, go faster than me and then stay going faster than me the whole time you are driving. if you desire to go slower, by all means, go slower. and i know that you think that i'm "playing" this game with you, but really, i chose a speed and i'm going that speed. you are playing this game by youself. so stop.
  • was it absolutely necessary to pull out in front of me. it looks like there isn't a car behind me for at least a block...maybe even two. so when i honk at you for a little while, letting you know that you made a mistake and that you should have waited to pull out, maybe don't flip me off. they put horns in cars for a reason. i'm pretty sure one of the reasons is for me to let you know that you are a bad driver.
  • yep, it sometimes rains and snows and blows when we are driving. and i know sometimes that it can be a little bit frightening to be driving in the canyon while it rains. and sometimes it is ideal to slow the pace and manage your driving skills. but i don't think that going thirty miles per hour below the speed limit is actually necessary. especially when it's just rain, ya'll. rain. not snow. not sleet. not slush. rain. it's not gonna kill ya. and you know what? i have an idea. if you don't like driving in the "weather," don't drive.
  • it doesn't matter if you are following me at a distance of two feet or two inches, you riding my rear bumper doesn't make me want to go faster. in fact, it makes me want to slam on my breaks in hopes that you are following just a little too close and you rear-end me. it would serve you right. and i would sue you just for being stupid and a really bad driver. so, get off my "rear."
anyway, that's all i have for now. and now that i have shared said frustration, i can go and enjoy what i came to salt lake to do...visit my boyfriend. don't worry, i will let you know how it goes. it's going to be amazing.

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