today is my big brother's birthday. i always thought it was pretty cool that his birthday was on 10.10, but i love that he gets to celebrate this 10.10.10. i wish i could celebrate with him, but instead, i will write this post and celebrate from a distance.

i always looked up to him, even when he was really mean to me. (i worked through it in therapy, so i'm over it. jk. i mean he was mean cause he was my big brother and i think he was supposed to be mean, but i didn't really go to therapy.) i loved going to watch him play football when i was little. i loved that he would eat his dinner with his face two inches from his plate, meaning that his butt hung off the back of the stool (this might be something you would have had to see). i love (now that i think about it...but i didn't love it then) that he would always pick off of my plate and my little sisters' plates. the kid was never full. i love that he always got my little sister to do stuff for him. he always made her go ask my mom to make us pancakes on saturday morning. my mom would never say no to her and he knew it.

there are so many little things that i remember about him that i hold dear to my heart but they wouldn't really mean anything to you, so i won't bore you. just know that i love my brother dearly. i am grateful for the example he has been to me and my siblings and that he continues to be to all of our family, especially the example of a father and husband that he is.
happy birthday, brother.
i love you.

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  1. Aw, so sweet. And true. Darling picture . . . I just have crappy pictures, you have all the good ones :)