just another tuesday night show.

on tuesday, my bestie and i were able to attend the band of horses show in salt lake. and it was incredible and amazing and i love band of horses more now than i did on monday. but i love live music and sometimes i get wrapped up in the ambiance of a live show and i sometimes think that the band is better than i realized until i get back to listening to the cds and they are good, but not better. i hope that makes sense. anyway, band of horses is a band that was most definitely better than i realized and if you get the chance, you gotta go see them. besides the fact that their music is amazing, they put on a great live show.

but this week, as i have reminisced about the show...cause that is what i do...i got to thinking about how i came to know band of horses and why i wasn't more fully enraptured by their music when i first discovered them. well, because i feel like blogging...more...here is what i've come up with... (with my favorite songs interspersed.)

i can't quite pinpoint my first exposure to band of horses, but i remember seeing them on letterman maybe three years ago. i remember liking them very much, but i didn't rush out to purchase any of their albums. i actually didn't even google them or look them up on itunes or on youtube. weird for me, i know. especially because i did like them so much. so time passed and about a year ago, i was "reintroduced" to them via an "if you like...then you might like..." suggestion on a music website that i am a member of and i couldn't believe that i let so much time pass before investing in his little band.

i'm not sure what it is about them, but i really haven't found a song of theirs that i haven't loved. there is something so sweet and soothing about their music, but in such a guy's-guy way. i mean, that isn't even a real description, but it's pretty hard to describe greatness. when i would tell my friends that i was going to a show, they would ask who it was and if they hadn't heard of band of horses they would inevitably ask what they sounded like. this was an impossible question for me to answer. i just didn't know quite what to say. i guess that's what i like about them the most...they are unique.

so, that's what i did this week. and don't worry...i'm going to see griffin house on wednesday. anyone wanna come with me? i haven't invited anyone, so i might be hitting it up solo style. he's my boyfriend, though, so it's okay.

have any of you seen any good live music lately?

just wondering.

that's all.

ps. i forgot to take my camera into the venue with me, so no band of horses photos of my own. i just borrowed one from here.

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