sunday surveys.

it's sunday. and i'm bored. and so i thought i'd share this survey. because who doesn't love a survey? just be grateful i didn't send it to you in an email with a request to fill it out and return it to me within 90 minutes or we wouldn't be friends anymore.

a- my air conditioner is set on: low. my choices are low and high. with the option to turn the temperature cooler or warmer. my apartment still gets pretty warm these days, so i've been occasionally cranking it on low. medium cool.

b- my bedroom theme is: blah. there are no decorations at this point. i need to work on that.

c- the car in the driveway is: not in a driveway. more like a parking lot. and the car is dirty. very dirty. it needs to be cleaned. any takers?

d- my desk looks: cluttered. there is some mail and a couple of stacks of books that i need to read. rather, that i want to read.

e- the exact time i wake up daily is: varied. depending on the day, but most of the time i wake up around 8:30 or 9:00 am. whether i actually get out of bed or not depends.

f- the first thing i wash in the shower is: my hair. doesn't everyone wash their hair first? it's only logical...start at the top and work down.

g- my garage is filled with: hopes and dreams.

h- my house is: attached to my garage that is filled with hopes and dreams. but my apartment is coming along nicely.

i- if you peeked inside my bedroom you'd see: how small it is.

j- my favorite juice is: apple juice. for sure, apple juice.

k- the best part of my kitchen is: the carpet on the floor. jk. that is the worst part. the best part of my kitchen is that it is mine. all mine.

l- the last person who visited my home was: probably my friend, jessica. i guess i should probably invite more people over. but when would be the question at hand.

m- the last piece of mail for me was: my utility bill from logan city. yay for being an adult.

n- my neighbors think i'm: amazing...wonderful...fantastic. i mean, how could they think otherwise? hahaha. jk. i actually have never met my neighbors, nor have i ever actually seen them...that's weird, right? it is weird.

o- if you opened my fridge you'd see: stuff. i made stir-fry the other night that is in containers so i can take them to work with me. and tortillas. corn and flour. and milk. i should drink more milk, now that i think about it.

p- my last house party was: ??? i've never hosted my very own "house party," so this doesn't pertain to me. unless you consider any house party that i have attended...but then, i can't even remember, so yeah...???

q- a quick meal i like to fix is: latin beans and rice. it is amazing. and so easy. and cheap. if you need the recipe, you just give me a holler. i will totally share.

r- my favorite room of the house is: the whole thing. cause it's small. and because it's small, i can't like just one part. i have to like all parts collectively or else it will make me sad. have i mentioned that it's real, real small?

s- the shampoo brand i use is: frizz ease. have you seen my hair. it's only natural.

t- my largest television is: my only television.

u- under my bed you will find: storage containers. all shapes, sizes and colors.

v- the last time i vacuumed was: last saturday. it took me two point two minutes. yep, it's that small.

w- looking out my window i see: the sidewalk and the front grill of about six cars.

x- i wish i had x-tra: time. money. money. money.

y- my yard is: non-existent.

z- zzzzzzz my bedtime is: when i feel i'm tired enough to sleep. it varies.

that's all.

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  1. I know of something that could have cured the Sunday boredoms...maybe return a text message from your long lost buddy Jenny. Sure would love to get together and catch up!