fill in the blank.

{image from here.}
1. my halloween plans this year will include  baking. well, at least i am hoping to bake. we'll see if i get to it. oh, and i get to work. saturday and sunday. so i won't be doing anything fun.  

2. my most memorable halloween costume was  probably when my older sister helped me and my little sisters dress up as 80s rockers...in the 80s. halloween wasn't really a big holiday around our house. my aunts and grandma would have parties and such, but it wasn't a fully celebrated holiday at our house.  

3. for halloween this year i am going to be a youth corrections counselor. gotta love my job.   

4. i've always wanted to dress up as  ...uhmmm...i'm not really sure that i've ever fully pondered this subject. i don't really think i have a burning desire to dress up as anything specifically. oh well.  

5. halloween free association:  candy. sugar. witches. vampires. dragons. trick or treat. haunted. scary.  

6. the worst thing about halloween is  ...well...i'm not sure. maybe the having to dress up thing. never have loved it.  

7. the best thing about halloween is  little kids in costumes. i mean, seriously, aren't they all adorable.  


  1. Probably because you hate to dress-up is why you feel we never celebrated Halloween at our house. We did. You obviously aren't a Halloween person :)

  2. did you pick this picture because it reminds you of a certain wall paper? :)

  3. i wish my halloween included someone baking for me...hah