fill in the blank.

because i like overkill...

...so, deal with it.

fill in the blank friday.

1. true happiness is  completely attainable. and while we have struggles, we can still be happy and have true happiness.  

2. the most surreal moment of my life was  going through the process of placing a baby for adoption. sometimes i catch myself remembering that it really did happen.  

3. my favorite texture is  ...hmmm...i don't think i've ever even thought of that before. does this mean surface texture, visual texture, food texture...so confused.  

4. my signature color is  probably red. or brown. or green. maybe i don't have a signature color.  

5. my signature style is  jeans and t-shirts baby, jeans and tees. oh, and hoodies.  

6. if i could choose one store to spend my life savings at, it would be  i would probably choose a store like nordstrom's or dillard's. that way, i can have a variety of stuff.  

7. the best thing about autumn is  absolutely everything. i love the way the air feels, the sun shines, the leaves change...absolutely everything is amazing about autumn.  

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