fill in the blank.

fill in the blank friday.
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1. i am  getting sick. like annoyingly sick. i have a raging face ache because of my sinuses. i wonder if it is bad to take four different medications. i mean, i am taking sinus stuff, zicam, emergen-c (and/or airborne) and advil. probably not wise, but it's better than bashing my head in, right? right.  

2. i wish  that i would never get sick. and that all my cleaning would do itself. especially laundry. and that i was a morning person.  

3. i like  friday night lights. and i was super excited about a month ago when i learned that abc family was going to be showing episodes every day. but then i found out this week that they pulled it off the air. because the ratings weren't great. but don't worry...they are still showing sabrina the teenage witch and gilmore girls. why don't more people like fnl?  

4. i can  do hard things. it's something i learned about myself four years ago this month. i can do really, really hard things.  

5. i hope  that this blessed cold is short lived. like, it would be nice to wake up tomorrow morning with no cold. here's to hoping.  

6. i think  tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. it is a wedding day and i couldn't be more ecstatic. i truly, truly am so happy for the happy couple.  

7. i was  not planning on blogging today, but alas, this cold has made for some down time. in front of this computer. yay.  

happy weekend.


  1. I am just getting over a face raging cold...there are brighter days ahead, let me tell you, where you will be able to breathe out of BOTH nostrils without medication. And as for FNL? I wouldn't know -- I love it, too! Thankfully, One Tree Hill has stayed on the air!

  2. it's that time of year!!! i had a nasty cold a few weeks ago too!!