pretty kitty and other tuesday events.

on tuesday, my roommate, melanie and i took a drive to clearfield/layton to go to tai pan trading to check out the holiday gear and to eat dinner at the training table. since my friend, rebbekah, lives nearby, i let her know we were going to be "in town" and i invited her to join us. i was very glad that she was able to.

at tai pan, we saw this special kitty and i told bek that i would display it in my home if she bought it for me. i was joking, obviously. well, little did i know, but bek had been carrying that kitty around the store for quite sometime before i realized that she had it. she had tucked it into a lovely basket she was going to purchase to use as a bread basket. she wanted to get some glasses, but when she tried to pick them up to carry them, she realized she needed to put the kitty back. this made for an obvious photo-op.

i'm surprised the picture actually turned out. we were laughing so hard. i guess you had to be there.

i think the last time i ate at the training table was at least ten years ago. the best part about the training table is that you get to be your own server. you seat yourself, go over the menu and pick up the phone at your table to order. when your order is up, they ring you to let you know it is ready. then you go and get it and serve yourself. it's a good idea, ya know. they are saving lots and lots of money by not paying servers.

that's mel and i. bek got a hold of the camera and was snapping away.

dinner turned out to be a good photo-op, too. here i am, ordering our food. i like that i am pointing to the menu, like the person that is taking the order can see what i'm pointing at.

bek was on a roll. this is the funniest face i've seen her pull. she didn't eat with us because she made homemade chili and ate it before she met us at tai pan. don't you think it's rude she didn't invite us over? i take that back. she did give us caramel apples and a slice of banana cream pie when we went to her house after.

and don't worry, we devoured ever last drop of food. de-lish.

i truly am blessed with awesome friends. and more than anything, i love the fact that we can act like we are in high school, but then not, all at the same time. i know that doesn't make sense, but you know what i mean mel and bek, right? that's what i thought.


  1. it's a utah original.

    i want some ultimate dipping sauce myself. the next time you come down, i will be in town and we WILL go to the training table!!

    i would have bought you that cat, you know. just for the opportunity to see it displayed in your home.

  2. i am going to just start making my own ultimate dipping sauce.

    and i appreciate that you would have bought me the kitty, too. it was a pretty yellow kitty. hahaha.

  3. Thanks for letting me be so silly! That's what I love about you. You still like me after I act like that. Precious kitty. meow.