we had another fun nanatsu dinner tonight. it was mine and mel's turn to make the meal. i was set on making pumpkin soup, so we planned the rest of the meal around that. i named our meal a "festive fall feast." and, oh boy, was it.

this is jenni and sara.i'm not sure what sara's face is saying, but i know her belly was pleased with the delicious food.

we started with this.this is pumpkin soup.
i know that it looks a little like gross-ness, but i promise you, it was divine.
i even had to pat myself on the back.
i did good.

mel put this chicken together.it is maple glazed chicken.
not so much glazed, but i think it was because there was too much sauce.
it is supposed to be grilled, but since we didn't want to be grillin', we baked it instead.
i added the pecans as an after thought.
we had roasted sweet potatoes and regular roasted potatoes.
and a fall blend salad with cranberries, almonds and an apple cider vinaigrette.
good job on the salad, mel.

and then we sort of took the easy road on dessert. thanks pillsbury.

ether bailed on us this week. jerk. he will have to make it up to us, that is guaranteed. nothing else to exciting happened. just good food and good friends. that's what it is all about.

ps. recipes are available upon request.

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