i love the sound of: my roommates doing dishes. i know, it is a rare experience, but every now and again they pull through and take responsibility for themselves.

i love the sight of: pretty babies. i got a birth announcement from an old friend and she has the most beautiful little girl. and then i thought about the new, little, pretty babies in my family, too.

i love the taste of: pumpkin cornbread. i attempted a recipe last sunday and it was a wreck. seriously horrible. i tried again on monday and it turned out awesome. i took the recipe that was a wreck and tweaked it to my liking. it was fun "making up" my own recipe. and it was even more fun when it turned out good.

i love the smell of: new candles. my friend brought a catalog and samples for scentsy candles to work the other night. i am in love and i am getting some fresh scents up in here. especially for the down stairs. boys smell weird, so i am going to try and alleviate that problem.

i love the feel of: accomplishment.


  1. i didn't notice a boy smell when i was there last week. you must be extra sensory when it comes to that.

  2. it comes and goes. but it is there, trust me.