i love the sound of: my nephews, jake and malcolm, discussing the bugs in the windowsill at my sister's house and overhearing jake (the older of the two) telling malcolm to eat the bug. and then malcolm telling me that he did eat the bug.

i love the sight of: my niece, awake and not crying or fussing. it's not a huge feat, but she is a little bit of an ornery bug, so when she is calm, it is a blessed sight.

i love the taste of: tootsie rolls. i am a little but addicted to them right now. they are a classic.

i love the smell of: baking cake. it smells like "home" which isn't a smell that regularly resides in a house with five boys. (trust me, boys smell weird.)

i love the feel of: camaraderie and friendship. knowing that there are people you can count on that aren't family.

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  1. now, you do this periodically, don't you? tell me more because i am obviously quite sucky at spt postings. i need an easier weekly posting to do, i think.