dear santa.

dearest santa:

i know it's been awhile since you have received correspondence from me. i figured that since i haven't been receiving all the things i have asked for or wanted in recent years, it wouldn't hurt to remind you what i am wanting this year. i am very grateful for all the things that you do for all the kids in the world, and please remember that i, too, am just a kid...even if it is only at heart.

first and foremost, i would really like this ipod nano. i really want it so that i can track my running progress. it would be fun and helpful all at the same time.

if the nano isn't available, then i would settle for the 160gb ipod classic. santa, you know i have a lot of music, and this would be the perfect place for me to store it. think about it.

i really would like these knives. i know that you might fear me trying to use them to harm my roommates, but i promise i won't. i won't let them near the knives. i would take very good care of them.

santa, my mom is going to take her mixer away from me soon, so i need one of my own. i don't even care what color. just as long as i have one.

i know you have heard about my car. i would settle for any car, but if you are gonna get me a car, you might as well get me this one.

santa, i don't think i am asking for too much. and really, i would be happy with just one item on my list (preferably the car). if you have questions, i am just an email or blog comment away. again, thanks for all you do.



  1. ill seconded all of those, well give r'shelle the blender i want some rims for my fixed gear.

  2. ohhhhhhhhhh. pretty background. i like the holiday festiveness. white twinkle lights on palm trees doesn't have the same feel as snow does around the holiday season.