sunday scribblings.

prompt #85: i carry.

many days have passed
filled with thoughts of you
but sometimes i have to remind myself
to remember you

and when i think i have forgotten you
because i didn’t think of you
i have to remind myself
that i carry you

i carry you in my mind
i carry you in my heart
i carry you in my soul
i carry you

and if i didn’t think of you
because today was too busy
i promise i can’t forget you
i carry you with me always


  1. My dad died ten years ago and sometimes days go by when I don't think of him and that makes me feel bad. After reading your poem, though, I realize that he is with me even though I'm not consciously focused on his memory. Thank you for this! ~Linda

  2. The ones we love the most are always with us, and your poem is a good reminder of that.

  3. Yes, it's true. They are always with us whether the name is on the tongue or the face in sight...nice poetry.

  4. so beautiful. and true, theya re always with us...sometimes we carry then and often they carry us!

  5. this was very touching... and i too carry my love and my memories of one such person,, and nothing and no one can ever change that......

  6. Lovely poem! I think we all hope to have touched someone, and be so lovingly remembered.