sunday scribblings.

prompt #84: left & right.

i believe that i have directional dyslexia. i know that i made this term up, but it explains my inability to distinguish my left from my right without quite a bit of thought. let me explain.

when i took my driving test, i had to stick my thumb and forefinger out to make an "l." i had discovered that the left hand makes a true "l," but the right hand makes a backwards "l." so, while being given directions during my driving test, i would discreetly stick my fingers out so i could figure out exactly what direction i should go.

i am constantly being told "your other left" or "your other right." when i am at work and i am trying to figure out what arm or hand or leg one of the kids has a marking on, i have to, in my head, turn my body around so i am facing the same way they are and then i make the "l."

sometimes, i can just pretend to hold a pencil or a pen in my hand. i am right handed, so if it feels comfortable, then i know it is my right hand.

i haven't deduced why i have this issue, but it definitely keeps me on my toes. i am assuming that the reason i transpose letters and numbers all the time might have something to do with this, too. who knows. maybe the left and right sides of my brain are at war with each other. yeah, that's what it is. there is a war in my head that i am unaware of, but that i am forced to live with.

man, i crack myself up.


  1. LOL. You crack me up, too! Cute post...

  2. Yes, that's it--there's a war in our heads. I posted about having a hard time with left and right too. Great post!

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  4. i do all the things you said!!! i am so glad i am not alone. hahahaha