i love the sound of: my nephew praying over our lunch. he blessed that he could not want sugar coated candy and doughnuts. and if that wasn't enough, he blessed that if he got lost from his parents, that someone would help him find them. i couldn't help but laugh through the whole prayer. as did my sister and mom.

i love the sight of: my mom. she came to help my sister out with baby lucie and came to see me (more of that to follow). i miss her, and every time i see her, i realize how much i do miss having her around.

i love the taste of: freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. i was craving them at work the other night, so i decided to make some when i got home. i was ready to bake away, but when i walked into the kitchen, i about died. my boy roommates are so messy and never clean up after themselves. i spent a hour and a half scrubbing the kitchen before i baked cookies. i'm neurotic, i know. but they were really good cookies.

i love the smell of: my baby niece, lillie. well, before she has her gas sessions and then poops. she is such a grumpy pea, but she is so dang cute and she does smell good, most of the time.

i love the feel of: having good friends. i am blessed with incredible friends who are amazing examples to me, and i hope that i can be the same for them.

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