tuesdays with rebbekah.

sometimes i wonder how and why people become friends. i even wonder that about my own friendships. and more often than not, i have an interesting story as to how i became friends with the people in my life. my friendship with rebbekah starts with one of those interesting stories.

see, the thing is, rebbekah and i went to school together. she was in the grade before me, but we still went to the same schools and we knew the same people...but we weren't friends with the same people and thus, we weren't friends. it turns out that we wouldn't become friends while we were in school or really even acquaintances. we wouldn't become friends until i was working at the convenience store with the best diet coke in town and until rebbekah became a diet coke addict. who would have thought that minimum wage jobs and soda addictions would bring us together....but oh how it did. and now, i would consider her one of my best friends. i adore her. really, i do.

awhile back rebbekah and her family moved to kaysville and i stopped working at the "diet coke store," so we didn't get to see each other much. well, last week, rebbekah emailed me and asked me what i was doing tuesday and she said that she wanted to come to logan to hang out. luckily, tuesdays are my day off, so i was psyched. i talked to her on monday night and we made plans. we were going to hang out and get diet coke and go eat. good times.

so, bek came to my house around 10:30 bearing gifts. she brought me these:

i'm obsessed with "the office," so i was excited when she pulled these out of her pocket.

when she showed up, i was still getting ready. she sat on the toilet while i put on make-up (which was my favorite part) and gossiped, kinda like we probably would have done had we been friends in high school.

first things first, we went and got us some delicious diet coke at the convenience store with the best diet coke in the world. and i'm not exaggerating...just ask diet coke addicts around the world.

then we went to crumb brothers. you guys have no idea what you are missing out on if you aren't eating crumb brothers. de-lish-us. we had some quiche (out on the patio--with our diet cokes), we got some bread to go and of course, we got chocolate croissants for later.

this is bek offering me some of her yummy bread before she left.

after that, we had to run to providence to run an errand for one of her friends and she showed me her very cute first house. i wish i had a "first house." after errand running, we stopped to get some gas for the vehicle and some more diet coke (because we were thirsty--and we might be addicts).

i needed to make a run to sam's club and since i don't have a membership, i have to con people into going with me. luckily, bek has a membership and was willing to go with me. and don't worry, we did take our diet cokes with us. while we were at sam's, bek found some delicious hot chocolate and she shared some with me before she left. it's cinnamon hot chocolate. yum.

then we went and looked at some really cute houses in hyde park. one of them was bek's grandma's house. it has been remodeled and is so cute. then we talked about people who lived in hyde park. and other stuff.

and really, that was it. it was an awesome day and i loved every minute of "doing nothing." and like rebbekah said, that is the sign of a true friendship...being able to have a good time doing nothing.

man, i adore her. i am so glad we are friends. as random as it is, it is meant to be.


  1. i hate rebbekah. for no real reason (therefore no real hate). except that she's cute. and she seems awesome. and because she also seems fun. and because, you two together, make diet coke addiction seem like it's ok. grrr.

  2. diet coke addiction is okay.
    don't you know that by now?

  3. Rachelle. I am teary. Just when I thought nobody liked me. Adriane, I think we should meet too. Who knows what could happen with the three of us together! Sheer maddness. The world does need love sweet love!

  4. hahaha you're totally right. okay my feigned hate is gone. nothing but love.