i heart the red sox.

remember how i once lived in the magical city of boston? yeah, well i did. i moved to boston in the fall of 1999 and i wasn't a baseball fan really at all before i moved there. but soon after i got there, i fell in love with baseball and more specifically, the red sox. i arrived in boston at the height of playoffs and the energy was contagious and i definitely fell victim to the playoff energy. and i have been a baseball fan ever since.

tonight at work, i was discussing my love of the red sox with a co-worker and he told me that "that bandwagon was full a long time ago." i explained to him that i didn't "jump on the bandwagon." i was an actual boston resident long before they won the world series. he said that it was okay that i am a red sox fan then. (he, of course, is a yankees fan and i expressed to him that people who grew up in utah can't legitimately be yankees fans unless they have ties to new york--got ya covered, ade)...cause that bandwagon was full way before the red sox bandwagon. he kindly disagreed and then we started watching football. (it was determined that we weren't going to agree on anything when it came to baseball, so we moved on.)

anyway, so that being said, i am so very, very glad that my red sox were able to pull it out and win the alcs.

the challenge now is the world series, and as it turns out, it is going to be quite an interesting challenge. let's just hope that they can keep their heads above water. you can bet your shoes that i will be watching.

oh, how i heart the red sox.

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