the challenge: it's here!! it's finally here!! even for you "pursists" among us, the date on my calendar shows that fall has officially begun!! how have you welcomed fall into your home? are you a pumpkin patch family or do you pick up your big orange gourds at the supermarket? has the weather turned cooler yet? or are you secretly still running your a/c? is their an autumn-themed festival in your town? apple picking? cider pressing? pumpkin catapults? is it "officially" fall at your house yet?

i love fall! i know i have mentioned this before, but fall is my favorite season. i know i have only four choices, but i would love it to be fall all year. although, the best part of fall is that transition from summer to fall. the first day of crisp air...ahhh, that is heaven.

so, to welcome the season into my home, i invested in some "smell-goods." i talked my friend, derek, into going to the mall with me, which inevitably meant a trip to bath and body works.

i made him help me choose the best seasonal candle. this is the one "we" decided on. really, i gave him two choices and he picked this one: sweet cinnamon pumpkin.

then, on one of my weekly trips to kmart, i found this treasure. i love it.

and now it is fall in my home, as well as outside.

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  1. mmmm...all of that stuff sounds lovely. except for the part where you had to go to the mall.