too funny not to share.

so, here it is--1:30 am--and i am doing my usual middle-of-the-night blog stalking (not cause i don't want to sleep...i work graveyard shifts two nights a week). i am thoroughly entertained by other people and i am insatiably curious about other people and their lives, as well. perhaps this is why i like blog stalking. people want me to read about their lives (at least i hope they do, otherwise they should stop posting about themselves on the internet), so i suppose that stalking isn't the proper term for what i do.

any-who...while i was "touring the blog-o-sphere," i happened upon this hilarious post and i couldn't pass up not sharing it with everyone who reads my blog. so, go here and read. and then laugh and laugh, because you know you have that same random can of something in your pantry. in fact, i even have my very own can of baby corn. i do remember buying it, though. but i can't remember what i thought i was going to make with it. maybe i will find something to make with the baby corn and then i'll let you know how it goes.

uh...yeah...so, that's all.


  1. jeez. i will never get over how weird boys can be. i'm glad i am a girl. so glad.

  2. adriane, did you mean to leave this on the snippet post? i'm guessing the answer is yes. very funny.