my newest "celebrity" crush.

thanks to a co-worker, i have a new "celebrity" crush. and just like my last celebrity crush, i don't even know the actor's name. i only have a crush on his character in the new show, pushing daisies.

(see, isn't he adorable. ned is his name...well, his character's name.)

(but, now, see how he isn't so adorable in real life. don't get me wrong...i find him attractive, just not adorable.)

anyway, yeah...new celebrity crush. and seriously, you should watch this show. it is funny. and fun. and cute. and interesting. oh, just watch it. then you will know what i mean.


  1. First of all...the toes, a little creepy. Second, when are you going to be down here again? Third, I just saw the show for the first time this week. It's fantastic!

  2. emily just told me about this show the other day! unfortunately, it is on before i come home from work. also unfortunately, i suck at vcr programming (and dad still won't cave on the dvr issue)...my life sucks.