october treats.

about a year ago, i was in the hospital and while i was there, my cute friends, natalie and lindsey, came to visit me and they brought me special treats from my former place of employment...mooch's 66.

this is natalie.

and this is lindsey.

one of the treats was this special "seasonal" mix of jelly beans, candy corns, boston baked beans and a plethora of other candy treats. while i was in the hospital, i almost ate that entire bag of candy.

i hadn't thought about that candy until tonight, when i went to get a beverage at the local mooch's 66 and saw the "seasonal" mix of candy bagged up, just sitting on the counter, begging to be purchased. i had to have it for sentimental reasons. and when i got it home, it was just as good as it was at 2:30 in the morning during my stay in the hospital.

so, here is to "october treats," great friends and mooch's 66.

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