the challenge: how do you feel about the color orange as a fashion statement? as a color in your home? are you picky about the hue? do you own a halloween shirt that says "boo" spelled out with rhinestones? are you passionate about the "pumpkin color"?

well, since i don't own any clothing, accessories or jewelry that is orange, i would have to say that i am not passionate about "pumpkin orange."

but...about two years ago, i started getting pedicures on a regular basis and since my nail technician's favorite holiday is halloween, she is passionate about "halloween toes." and i'm not gonna lie, i am now a little passionate about them, too. the year before last i had frankenstein toes and last year i had pumpkin toes. so for this year's halloween toes my only stipulation was orange polish (because i loved the orange polish i had last year so much).

and i have to admit, ashley out did herself with this polish job. i am in love with my spider web and baby spider. and even though i am not a huge fan of halloween, i am a huge fan of halloween toes.

and that is the only orange i "own."

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