the challenge: do you celebrate halloween? do you go all out with costumes or do you prefer to lay low with the porch light turned off? did you enjoy halloween as a child? what was your favorite costume? will you dress up this year or leave it for the little ones?

so the story goes like this...i don't really have fantastic memories of halloween growing up. i know we dressed up and we went trick-or-treating. but i don't remember any of my costumes. i don't remember any of my siblings costumes. it just wasn't that big of a holiday for our family.

in my adulthood, i have celebrated it a little more. i still don't go all out on costumes. i'm just not a big costume fan. well, i take that back...i'm not a big halloween costume fan. (i'll dress up for a costume party--just not a halloween costume party.)

i love seeing costumes and seeing how creative people are, but i am not creative, so i don't even try.

but i am going to try harder every year to celebrate. and the pumpkins were a good start for me.

happy halloween!

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  1. you pumpkins look great! i can't believe we didn't do any this year...