random cma thoughts.

that's right folks...more stuff about music. not so much about music, but about the country music awards (hereto forth referred to as the cmas). because i watched them. mostly. i dvr-ed all three hours, so i was able to fast forward through the "boring" parts. the reason i can watch the cmas is because there are twice as many performances as awards, so it is bearable. and it's country music...they don't take themselves that seriously.

anyway, here is my random list of thoughts (and if you aren't a country music fan, you may not enjoy this and/or even like this...so i won't be offended if you don't read it all):
  • while i was waiting for some time to pass so i could use the fast forward button on my dvr remote (my favorite button on my remote), i was browsing the other programs on air and i ran across this show i didn't know i was pregnant and i don't buy it. at all. evidence that some people need to be kicked out of the gene pool.
  • did you know that charles kelley of lady antebellum is josh kelley's brother (who is probably most famous for being married to katherine heigl)? i didn't until tonight. i don't know why i find that interesting, but i do. at first i couldn't figure out why katherine heigl was at the cmas, but then it made sense.
this is lady antebellum.
charles is on the left.
  • kelly pickler looks ridiculous. she was so cute on american idol, but something has happened and it seems like she is trying to channel a grandma or something. it's like she had way too much plastic surgery and then she had a bad hair day. don't get me wrong...i really like her, but she was having a rough night. (i tried to find a picture, but couldn't.)
  • i have loved country music since i was in 8th grade. my friend invited me to go to a concert with her and her parents at the state fair. in the car on the way there and back, we listened to country music...and i fell in love. one summer night. anyway, ever since then, i have been a fan. the majority of my music collection is country music. every year, i look forward to watching the cmas. i have since high school. my best friend would record them and we would watch them over and over again. (we also recorded videos off of cma..the channel...but that is another story for another day.) anyway, regardless of what kind of music i am mostly interested in when the cmas roll around, i always end up falling in love with country music again and will embrace country music for a good month or so after.
  • kenny chesney is on my list of favorites. and he has this song called the boys of fall. and it's about football. i mean, swoon. it is a fantastic song... especially if you are a football fan. kenny's performance on the cmas was watched at least twice by me, maybe more...just sayin'.

  • i'm over taylor swift. i think all her songs are starting to sound the same. she is a cute girl, but it's getting old.
  • sugarland's singer, jennifer nettles, has the most annoying voice. at least to me. it is like fingernails on a chalkboard. and i've thought that since before sugarland was a duo. when they were a trio. i wonder what happened to that third member anyway. it's like she just disappeared. weird.
  • is kid rock really the detroit cowboy? cause that's what the announcer said. i mean, i like kid rock...maybe, kinda...but weren't there enough "real" country musicians available to perform at the cmas? my guess is that there were. i guess we just roll with what we get. (and did you know that kid rock boycott itunes...his music is not available there. interesting.)
  • at about this point in the show, i had to acknowledge that there were at least three live performances to every award given out. it's why i love these awards. and because of dvr, i was able to fast forward through the majority of the obnoxious speeches...because, let's be honest, it doesn't matter how big a fan you are, those speeches are obnoxious.
  • nashville not only puts out great country music, but great singer/songwriter music. remember my obsession with ten out of tenn? how could you forget...i won't let you. speaking of...i saw andrew belle in provo a couple of weeks ago. stellar show. yay, nashville.
  • blake shelton started in the country music industry with a mullet and i couldn't give him a chance...that is, until he cut the mullet off. i'm a fan. and i love that he is kind of reckless and misbehaved. kinda the bad boy of country music. i mean, why not...he did have a mullet after all?
evidence of the mullet.
  • loretta lynn rocked it with miranda lambert (i kinda like her and she is engaged to blake shelton, which i find interesting) and sheryl crow. when i heard that sheryl crow was going to be on the show, i was hoping she was going to perform with kid rock circa 2002. no such luck. she rocked it with loretta, though. i love old school country. especially the ladies of old school country.

  • so gwyneth paltrow is playing a country musician in a movie due out in january. and apparently, she acutally sings in the movie. which is a logical reason to let her perform on the cmas. believe me, i will be seeing this movie, country strong. but i'm having issue with gwyneth busting into the country scene. to me, she totally doesn't fit the mold. i just find it quirky and interesting...but i will give it to her...she can sing.

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