fill in the blank.

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1. my last haircut was  a week and a half ago. my bestie does my hair and she is fantastic. she is fantastic to the point that if you want to get in to her, you have to book about two months in advance. i was stupid and didn't schedule an appointment in advance. because she is my bestie, she made some changes and was able to fit me in for a cut. but just a cut. i usually get a cut and color. i was pretty sad...until the day of. someone had the audacity to not show up for their appointment, so she fit me in early and was able to cut and color my hair. she is the best bestie.  

2. my most daring hair moment was  cutting it nearly off just days before i moved across the country to boston. i had had long hair since middle school and had been continually growing it out since middle school. i was concerned that my naturally curly locks wouldn't take kindly to the humidity of boston so i decided to chop it off. not sure it was a wise move, but it worked out.  

3. a hairstyle i'd never be brave enough to try  is short hair. my sisters rock it beautifully, but i'm not sure that short hair is for me. or if i could actually figure out how to rock it. it would be more work than i am willing to put in. and that's not saying that my current hair-do isn't a pain in the butt. i just think short hair would be a train wreck on me.  

4. i've always dreamed of being a  red head. i know, it's not every day that someone admits that, but i usually love red hair and would love to be a red head. but a pretty red, more like auburn.  

5. my go to hair-do is  pulled up. usually in a loose bun. but lately, i mostly just wear it down. i've found the perfect products to make my curls curl fantastically and so i'm sporting the curly locks.  

6. my biggest hair disaster was  probably when i used sun-in in high school. wasn't that almost everyone's hair disaster? i'm pretty sure it was. that stuff was so gross. it smelled so bad, like rotting fish, but i insistently put it in my hair on a fairly regular basis in high school. not super smart.  

7. a hairstyle i am dying to try is  ...well, i'm not really sure. i don't think there is anything i'm dying to try. i wish i knew how to do cute braids and how to use barrettes and bobby pins and the likes. maybe that's what i'm dying to try...just doing different stuff with what i have.  

8. my best hair day was  this one day after i got my hair cut and colored, my bestie decided to put some loose curls in my hair with a flat iron. the combination of the product that she used, my normal curls and the loose curls she put in my hair, it was the greatest hair-do. to this day we haven't been able to recreate that one...so sad.  

9. the worst hairstyle i've ever had was  the short hair i had in second grade. at least it seemed bad in my school pictures. i had a very tender head when i was a kid and my mom hated brushing my hair, so shortly before kindergarten, she had all my blonde, blonde curls cut off. i had short boy hair all through elementary. i hated it. literally hated it. that's why i grew it out in middle school.  

10. my hair is  naturally curly. i really haven't loved having curly hair until the last few months. i have embraced it and i really love, love, love my curls now.  


  1. Would luh-huh-huv to know the perfect products for curly hair--if you dare to share such a hair...pause.pause.pause (breathe) secret. =0)

  2. red head, really? I understand the whole auburn thing but is it really worth taking that chance?

  3. YAY for curly hair!! People with curly hair are the coolest!!

  4. YAY for curly hair! People with curly hair are the coolest! Let your wild mane fly free!! (that was my horoscope once. haha)

  5. you would look great as a red head