and then it snowed.

it's sunday and i'm at work and i'm bored. welcome to my life. usually i work with someone else, so then i am entertained...but not today. don't get me wrong, i still really, really love my job, but i can only tell these kids to not do stuff so many times before they stop listening...and we've maxed out for today. and sometimes it isn't even the kids that are dumb...sometimes they have dumb parents and guardians, but i can't tell them that...i don't undermine anyone, or at least i try not to. anyway, so now we are just staring at each other. not really. i'm typing this and they are watching tv and coloring princess pages cause i'm making them. luckily they have stopped watching spongebob, though. have i ever mentioned that i hate spongebob. well, i do. and sometimes i think that hate isn't strong enough. that's beside the point. i decided to take this time to write about some things that i've been thinking about. bear with me.
  • it snowed yesterday and today. i woke up a little later than normal today because the skies were so gray and my room didn't light up like it normally does. my bedroom window is south facing so i get a good share of sunlight during the day, which means all day. i kinda like it. but today was so gray...no sunlight. i do realize that it is nearly december, but i really wasn't ready for snow. it didn't snow much, but it stuck to the ground. welcome winter, i guess. if i have to.
  • there are so many things that i wanted to blog about this year but i was just so unmotivated for the majority of the year so i didn't get to it. specifically, i didn't blog at all about my trip to oregon to visit my cutest sister and her family. i'm kinda sad about that. i really want to blog about that visit, but i'm not sure if i should since it was over six months ago.
  • i used to take way more pictures than i do now. way, way more. i don't know why. my old camera broke and i got a new one and i fell a little out of love with taking pictures. i am still pretty mad at my old camera. we had a good run there for awhile and then it went and died. i could try and get it fixed, but i figured it wasn't worth it so i bought a new one instead. besides, i figured having the same camera repaired three times probably wasn't economical. but now i don't love my new camera as much as i loved my old one. i should work on that. i'll think about it.
  • one of my co-workers/friends is moving to cali. i hate her. i tell her all the time. i told her that she has to start a blog when she leaves. i will harass her until it happens. it's a blog that i'm pretty sure all of you would read and love. she's pretty funny. her blog would be hysterical. i will hunt her down if she doesn't start this blog when she leaves. (i know you are reading this, jw, and i'm serious...bad things will happen if you don't start a blog.) pea.ess. i don't really hate her, i only hate her for moving.
  • speaking of blogs, i have another friend that really, really needs to start a blog. we had a pretty lengthy convo about this the last time we hung out. i really need to get her started on that. it will be as funny as the above mentioned blog. and let's be honest...can't we all use some more humor in our daily lives? ladies, help us all out.
  • did i mention that it snowed? yeah. snow. winter. ugh.
  • except...i'm excited to decorate for christmas. i saw a small-ish pre-lit tree at the hobby lobby in slc awhile ago and i think i need to go and make sure it's there still. i really, really am looking forward to having a tree this year. i haven't had one for two years. that's really sad, if you think about it. luckily this year will be different. yay for changes.
  • i've decided that i'm really not crafty. i like things that are simple. i decided that i was going to make a fall wreath and i started it, but it is a tedious task. crafting is tedious. i would almost rather pay someone to do it for me. but i'm forcing myself to finish this project because my mother was so kind and helped me out and i started it so i might as well finish. augh. and i have all the parts to another craft project that was for a friend's birthday a couple of years ago...but because i don't craft, i haven't finished it. she probably doesn't even remember. maybe i can make it for christmas. hmmm...something to think about.
anyway, thanks for bearthing with me and my random thoughts. hope you have had an excellent weekend/sunday. mine has been amazing (please not the sarcasm).

that's all.

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