fill in the blank.

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1. black friday is  a day that i avoid going shopping. you won't catch me dead chasing down deals at four in the morning. it's just not my style.  

2. christmas shopping this year will include  all things low-key. there aren't many people on my list, so it will be pretty easy. we'll see, though.  

3. holiday shopping makes me  sometimes a little stressed out. sometimes i feel judged when i buy things for certain people. some people are very difficult to buy gifts for. some people maybe don't deserve gifts.  

4. this year my christmas list will include  family and a couple of friends. and myself. although, i already "bought" my own gift. thanks to a cousin, i'm getting the gift of a lifetime.  

5. bargain shopper or full price shopper?  i'm a bargain shopper, for sure, but i have been known to pay full price, too. mostly it depends on what it actually is. if i had to choose between paying full price and getting it very easily or getting a bargain, but it's gonna be a pain in the bum, i would much rather pay full price.  

6. the best things about shopping are  getting new things.  and the worst things about shopping are  actually have to shop. the looking and searching and dealing with people annoy me. i'm more of a know-what-i-want-get-in-get-out kind of shopper.  

7. online shopping or in-person shopping?  on-line shopping for dang sure. hands down, no questions asked. although, there are somethings that you just can't shop for on-line. sometimes you have to actually go to the store. but i'm okay with that.  

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