i'm afraid to say it.

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...but winter might be well on its way. when i woke up this morning it was raining. you don't know how much i wished it would just keep raining until march. no such luck...when i walked out my door a couple of hours later the snow had already started to fall. winter is upon us.

and i like winter. i like a lot of things about winter. but i'm not super stoked for winter this year. wanna know why? i'll tell you...no garage. the one downfall of moving out of the house.

it's all good, though. i will try my hardest to embrace it. and i will try not to complain too much about having no garage.

happy monday.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog and I love your bio

  2. Rain until march, eh? I'll trade you. Snow is pretty. Rain is just,well...wet. You could always move to the great northwest. (ha,ha)