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1. my thanksgiving plans this year will include  a lovely little drive to sin city with my sister and her family. it will make for a good time. i was going to go by myself, but sister decided that she wanted to visit the desert, too. she kept asking me if it was okay if she "rained on my parade" and joined me and my parents in las vegas. i had to remind her that we come from a big family and the fact that only the two of us, plus her husband and kids is a very small group of people where our family is concerned. five extra people can't rain on my parade...they can only add to it. besides, i get to go see the kingston trio with my dad and mom. they are my dad's fave. i grew up on their music. it's been document on this here blog that my love of music might be attributed to them. just sayin'. i'm gonna be the youngest person there that knows all their songs. it's gonna be a blasty-blast.  

2. my favorite thanksgiving was  probably one of the many with my mom's family at my grandparent's house. we would always end up spending the weekend together playing with cousins and having sleepovers. and i always loved when my grandpa would pray. he was a man of very, very, very few words, but his thanksgiving prayers were amazing and beautiful and clearly they left an impression. i will always, always remember those and i still miss them nine years later.  

3. my signature thanksgiving dish is  still to be determined. i have never actually made any part of any actual thanksgiving meal. i guess that's the great thing about coming from a big family...and maybe being single...there are always enough aunts to cover the meal...and they rarely ask the single girl to bring anything to a meal. i kinda like it that way. i'm not even sure what i would want my signature dish to be...can't decide between a part of the meal or a dessert. hmmm.  

4. my favorite thanksgiving food is  stuffing. and for the most part, i like all stuffing, but my mom's stuffing is delicious. like, seriously amazing.  

5. thanksgiving free association:  turkey. pilgrims. indians. dinner. food. football. cranberries. parades. macy's. shopping.  

6. thanksgiving is  my second favorite holiday, falling in close behind the fourth of july.  

7. i am thankful for  everything. my family, my friends, my jobs, my ability to provide for myself, my education, my religion, my beliefs, my morals, my standards, my values, my trials, my ability to endure my trials, my country, my freedom. seriously, i am thankful for everything, and i could name everything but maybe it wouldn't sound sincere. but i am sincerely thankful for everything.  

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