celebrating thanksgiving.

{1} how do you celebrate thanksgiving? i spend the day with family, unless i'm working. this year i am going to my parent's house in las vegas with my sister and her family. we have been known to hit up a movie in the evening (or maybe we only do that on christmas...but i know i have been to a movie on thanksgiving, so maybe we do it on both). we watch football and hang out. the usual stuff, really.

{2} what is your favorite part of thanksgiving? being with my family, of course. and celebrating gratitude. thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. i think it has to do with family. just love it.

{3} turkey or ham? oh, definitely turkey. i am not sure i have ever had anything different.

{4} sweet potatoes or mashed potatoes? both. please. they are both so different, it's almost a must to have both.

{5} pumpkin pie or apple pie? depends on who made the pies. generally apple, but my aunt makes an awesome pumpkin pie. let's be honest, though...i generally end up having a sliver of both. it's almost not american to limit yourself to just one.

{6} what are your thoughts about black friday? blah. more power to the people who love to fight a crowd. definitely not my cup of tea. i've actually never attempted to go shopping on black friday, but maybe i would if there was something that i desired and/or needed that badly. but it would take a lot of motivation. i hate crowds.

{7} your favorite thanksgiving memory. just spending time with my family. i don't have a favorite memory. any holiday with my family is a favorite, though.

{8} what are you thankful for this year? everything. it's as simple as that. i'm thankful for absolutely everything.

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  1. I want to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories...

    Bryan (my cousin) walks into the living room. He lies on the ground as he says to the group of us, "Too much foodie!" Without hesitation Blaine (my cousin that you met at the concert) responded, "Don't you mean too much booty?"

    For some reason this has always been hilarious to me. It was probably like 7 years ago and it still makes me laugh!