my favorite thing about today was...#2.

guess what i found out today...i will tell you...the sing-off (my most favorite show from last december) is coming back for a second season this december. i mean, psyched.

it's been well documented that i am a lover of music. what may not be quite as well documented is my love for a cappella music. and you wanna know how much i love it...i will tell you that, too...i just spent almost seventy-five minutes watching youtube videos of great a cappella music. you might think i have no life, but that is not the case...i have an awesome job and when there are no deliquents, there is time to burn watching youtube videos. boo-yah. good times.

anyway, because i feel the need to share in your lack of productivity, here are some of the best performances i found...you are welcome.

so here is the first performance of the first season...how could i not keep watching the sing-off after this? besides, who doesn't love a queen song?

this is on the rocks from the university of oregon. i saw this a couple of months ago on facebook and got a pretty good laugh out of it. today, when i saw the commercial for the second season of the sing-off, this was the song that they were performing. super excited to see what else they can do.

this group is the beelzebubs from tufts university. they were the runner-up on last season's show. i was hoping they would win, but they didn't. they were my favorite group, though. i couldn't pick just one song, so i made this little playlist...there are five performances. enjoy.

i am a huge u2 fan. this song is in my top five favorite u2 songs. this is the greatest a cappella version of this song. and at the 48 second mark, you will get chills, by the way.

so clearly, my favorite thing about today was learning about the sing-off season two. bring it on. i even had enough time to check out the groups that are going to be on this next season...incredible. highly recommend watching.

that's all.


  1. I'm so glad you posted these. Now I can go to one central location to enjoy them. Thanks